Philippians 1:1-13 Grace Before Peace - Pastor David McGee

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Philippians 1:1-13 Grace Before PeaceBible

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Pastor David McGee

Date Taught: March 11, 2018

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Teaching Notes
Life Lesson
You will be driven by something; either a purpose or a calling from God or you will be driven by your circumstances.
Life Lesson
Paul identifies himself, Timothy, and the Philippians as servants of Jesus. Your identity is foremost, a servant, and a loved, forgiven child of God.
Life Lesson
Grace and peace appear 34 times in 17 verses in the New Testament.
How many times does grace come first in the sequence of grace and peace?
Out of the 34 times in the 17 verses where grace and peace occur, every single time.
It is always grace and then peace.
Life Lesson
Scripturally, grace always comes first, before peace. In like manner, a relationship needs to put grace first, so there can be peace in the relationship.
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