Invite a Friend

Let's partner together to obey Jesus and "go and tell" people about the great things He has done. Phillip (a follower of Jesus) said to his friend Nathaniel, "Come and see." Nathaniel did and he also became a follower of Jesus! Over half of the visitors to churches tell us that a friend or family member invited them. Follow the example of Phillip and invite your friends to "Come and see"!


Here is an effective invitation sample you can use to invite your friends to church.

Remember, before emailing your friend, earnestly pray for them to be led of God to come. And keep praying for them after you send it. Just fill in the missing information and personalize it as appropriate.

Subject: You're Invited

Dear Friend,

Will you be my guest at my church, [insert your church name]? This is a compassionate and friendly church with great music, casual dress and inspiring teachings to equip you to deal with life. It's a church filled with people just like you and me. You'll feel at home from the moment you arrive.

Services times are [fill in church service times, including evening and mid-week services]. Just for visiting, you will receive a free gift at Guest Services. I'd like to meet you there and show you around! When you arrive, look for the special parking for guests. After service, let me introduce you to some awesome folks who are anxious to meet you. You can also learn more about the church, meet the pastors, staff and leaders!

[insert your church name] is at [address and directions to your church]. For more information or directions, check out our website at [church web site]. This could be the connection you've hoped to find.

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