NOTE: This page was published as a guide in returning to the church following CoVid-19 shutdowns. It is provided here only for archival purposes.

We are blessed to be able to gather as a church family again. Based upon the recommendations of the CDC, physician in the fellowship, and several others in health services we are putting these social distancing practices in place. These are temporary limitations that we each need to follow as a body of Christ. Please take notice of these temporary procedures. If you have questions, please call 336-996-6880 or email us. You can still join us on our Live Stream at or in person following these practices.

Service Guidelines & Recommendations

Worship Services

  • Everyone that wants to come back, needs to be able to come back.
  • No physical bulletins will be made available. Check

Children’s Ministry

  • All children must have their temperature taken before entering the classroom.
  • If the parent prefers to keep the child with them, larger Family Room is now available in OneEighty Room.
  • All toys have been sanitized and rooms have been cleaned. Proper cleaning will be done after each service for your family’s safety.

Greeters & Ushers

  • We have Greeters and Ushers that will be here to direct and instruct in our recommendations. They will open doors so our guests will not need to touch the doors upon entry / exit of the building.

Hand Sanitizer

  • Hand sanitizer is provided and encouraged to be used when entering the building.


  • Please bring your own Facemasks if you desire.
  • There will be some that choose to wear facemasks and others that do not. Please be respectful of those who decide either way.


  • Families are encouraged to sit together.
  • Rows of chairs and tables have been distanced. Please make sure to sit 6ft away from each family or individual.

Use Wisdom

  • Use wisdom with shaking hands, hugs, and distancing.
  • Be respectful of others space. The Bridge Cafe is open and provides an open space to fellowship along with the patio and other outdoor areas.

Tithes and Offerings

  • Tithes and offerings are permitted and allowed at this time. Please use tithe envelopes and tithe (JOY) boxes around the sanctuary. Leaders wearing gloves will collect your tithes and offerings.
  • Internet Giving is highly encouraged, especially at this time, but if you are unable to use these services we encourage to give in the tithe (JOY) Boxes located throughout the building.

The Bridge Recommendations:

  1. Anyone with fever, cough, shortness of breath, loss of smell, diarrhea, nausea should stay at home. People 65 and older, those with asthma, lung disease/COPD, serious heart disease, diabetes, severe obesity, cancer, kidney/liver disease, or problems with the immune system should stay at home. Please make sure to use hand sanitizer upon entry.
  2. Please bring your own facemask if you desire. Let’s be respectful of those who decide either way. There will be some that choose to wear facemasks and others that do not.
  3. Please use tissues if you cough or sneeze. Dispose in trash and wash hands with soap or use sanitizer.
  4. Social distancing of 6 feet emphasized.
  5. If you have had exposure to a positive case in past 10 days, please stay at home and enjoy our live stream at

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