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“And They Continued Steadfastly In The Apostles' Doctrine And Fellowship,
In The Breaking Of Bread, And In Prayers.”
Acts 2:42 NKJV


Life Groups are where the BIG CHURCH gets small, and where believers GROW BIG. Life Groups give the opportunity to fellowship over the Scriptures, usually discussing and applying the teaching from Sunday Morning. During these times you can develop deeper relationships, give and receive accountability, and be encouraged in your spiritual growth. As a church family we encourage evangelism through sharing the Gospel, sharing our testimonies of His grace, and inviting those that are unchurched where we live, work and play. Life Groups are an additional point of invitation in case someone you have been reaching out to does not seem quite ready to come to our weekly services.
*Always pray and communicate with your Life Group Leader before inviting anyone to the group*


Life Groups meet at different times during the week. Each Life Group meets in the leader’s home or a host home around the Triad Area. We also have recently added Online Groups for those that would prefer meeting virtually. Life Groups can be weekly, bi-weekly, or semi-monthly depending on the leader’s discretion. There are Life Groups that have smaller children (with and without childcare), mixed with married and singles, and adult only.


Life Groups that have small children and students (middle and high school aged) are responsible for providing their own child care. Life Groups serve the whole family and are encouraged to include children in some part of the group and then allow for separate time specifically tailored for both the adults and children. One practical suggestion is having the students (middle and high school aged) help with small children. Each Life Group decides how to handle this in the most appropriate way that meets their needs. The Children’s Ministry also provides resources to help minister to the needs of the children in the Life Group.


Life Groups are the best ways to build close relationships and truly become part of the church family. Fellowship is the act of giving and receiving. We ask that you commit, as others in Life Group do the same, to attend regularly and participate in discussion. Most groups, but not all, have snacks or meals; if this is the case participate by bringing something to contribute. Each Life Group is different in how they handle meals or snacks. Check with the leader of the Life Group for more information of how this is handled.


Life Groups serve three purposes:
  1. Encourage community and fellowship for spiritual growth within the body of Christ at The Bridge;
  2. To discuss and apply the teaching from Sunday morning;
  3. Provide an additional point of invitation in case someone you have been reaching out to does not seem quite ready to come to our weekly services.
We ask that each person (or family) attend only one Life Group. Life Groups are smaller gatherings with the expectation to multiply as people share the Gospel, invite, and grow in the Lord.


Click the “Join a Life Group” button below and let us know your preferences. If you would rather, call the church and we will guide you through figuring out a Life Group close to you that meets your spiritual needs. When clicking “Join a Life Group", we will have a leader contact you to pray with you, encourage you, and figure out your needs as an individual or family to see what Life Group would be best.

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"Having a wonderful, Godly group of ladies in my life is priceless. The ladies in my life group are what I consider my '3am girls.' I know that if I was having a crisis, I can call them -- anytime, night or day -- and they will be there for me. Being a single Mom is challenging and it's such a comfort to know I have REAL Sisters I can lean on...and that they can lean on me. It's not only about the physical but also the spiritual. We challenge one another to think about life in the light of what God's Word says. If I was going to make a decision contrary to God's Word, they would let me know there is a better way and encourage me to follow God's way & not the world's way. When one of us is struggling with something, we are able to discuss it as a group, share our experiences and encourage each other. I appreciate our sweet times of fellowship where we break bread together and simply get real with one another & equip one another for the challenges this life brings. It is also a blessing for our children who are developing sweet friendships."
"I have been blessed to be a part of Life Groups (of different names over the years) for roughly 10 years. What God has shown me early on has equipped me humbly to be a part of this amazing group. My group is strong and I feel a bit selfish in that I draw from their strength and wisdom all too often. The studies that we discuss tend to speak right to one or more of us straight to our core. I thank the Lord that He has brought such an awesome group of into my life. We, as a group recognize that we aren't perfect. We struggle, we sin, and we get angry and get hurt. We do know that God is our protector, our advocate, our comforter and our provider. Not only do I know that they put God first, as I do, but that we are like minded in that we serve, pray, give and fellowship on a regular basis. We hold one another accountable and we correct one another when we stray from the path the Lord has set for us. The benefits of our meeting times are extensions of our times serving and sitting in service. An added bonus is that not only are we growing in our faith but our children are too. Leading by example, our children see us digging into the Word of God. Relationships are built and strengthened when we keep God the center of all of our lives. I love each and every person in my life group and I know without a doubt if I am in need, or struggling, I can call them for support, wisdom and guidance. Taking the 'big church' into a more intimate setting through Life Groups. We Love; We Grow; We Serve."
"I have had the privilege of belonging to a few different Life Groups in the eleven years I have been attending The Bridge/Calvary Chapel. I have met some wonderful people and experienced some great fellowship. I believe my present Life Group is the one that has had the most impact on my life. These wonderful people have seen me at my lowest, or pretty close to it, and they have loved me anyway. For that, I am greatly blessed."
"We are all allowed to be real around one another without worrying about being judged or condemned. It's not very often that you find that kind of acceptance in one person, let alone in a group of women. I don't think I could ever fully express how my life has been changed over the past several years of being a member of this group of amazing single moms. We laugh, we cry, we laugh until we cry, but most importantly, we gain strength from one another and will stand by each other thru thick and thin."
"I attended the church for several years before I was able to join a life group and what a life changing decision that was for me. As Pastor David often says, it truly took 'the big church and made it small.' We get together once a week to enjoy fabulous food, conversation & fellowship with each other and our children. More importantly, we use this time to dig into the teaching and life lessons from the previous service. It not only reinforces and equips us but God is using this hodgepodge of sinners saved by grace to love, encourage, strengthen, support, and yes, even correct one another in love. I have grown and matured as a believer under God's loving hands through these friends."

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