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We would love the opportunity to join with you in prayer. If you have a request, please click on the Facebook icon above and send a message. Your request will be sent to Pastor David and others that will personally lift your request up to God in prayer. If you request, your request can also be forwarded to our Prayer Team. If your request is extremely personal and you only want Pastor David and the Assistant, then please indicate that in your request.

Prayer for the Lost

One of the most scriptural prayer requests you can make is to pray for those who do not yet know Jesus as their Savior to come to really know Him, and grow in grace. We have a prayer team with hundreds of members committed to praying for your loved ones to come to Jesus each day. To quickly submit these special requests, please CLICK HERE. Remember, you only need to submit the names once to remain on the prayer list, we only need their first names, and there's no need to add more details, as we know you care enough to want them to have eternal life in Christ.

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