Psalm 57 We Are Family - Pastor David McGee

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Psalm 57 We Are FamilyBible

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Pastor David McGee

Date Taught: December 2, 2021

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Life Lessons Referenced
Life Lesson

Don’t look for the truth in a trash can. Don’t trade your gold for garbage.

Life Lesson

If you are perfect, throw your stone at someone. If you are imperfect, give your stone to someone else who is a sinner.

Life Lesson

Do not pick up an offense! Decide not to carry any offense. Be sticky for good things and don’t let the bad things stick.

Life Lesson

Don’t let people or things steal your joy that Jesus bought.

Life Lesson

The worst kind of heart trouble is not your heart stopping, but the Heart that doesn’t know Jesus as Messiah, or his ways.

Life Lesson

The worst heart trouble for someone trying to follow Jesus is to think you are better than others. Jesus taught us NOT to think like that.

Life Lesson

The religious leaders thought they were more holy than Jesus. To admit Jesus was more holy than they would have cost them their pride and Pharisees highly value their spiritual pride.

Life Lesson

When we feel like running off, popping off, mouthing off, or we are just feeling off, that is our spiritual weakness showing. That is when we lean on the Lord, that’s when God’s strength can shine thru.

Life Lesson

Genealogies in the Bible always reveal important things.

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