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The Bridge Fellowship is overseen by a Board of Directors and a financial team with Pastor David McGee leading. There is a CPA on staff who has a degree in accounting. All offerings are counted and recounted by at least two people at all times, providing excellence and accountability. All expenses are approved by the financial team and reviewed by the board. All major purchases must be reviewed by the board prior to their approval. The financial reports are reviewed by the Board of Directors on a quarterly and also annual basis.

The ministries finances, at Pastor David's and the board's request, undergo an annual audit by a local independent outside accounting firm every year. This firm specializes in ministries. Their CPA's come on site and go through all records and conduct a thorough examination. They are required by law to report any theft, fraud or inappropriate financial behavior. We have done this for 6 years and never needed a restatement or have had any reporting problems. The audit includes the compensation study as part of their audit and review. The ministry also went through a thorough vetting (with accountants, SEC, FINRA and other organizations) in preparation to do a public bond offering to finance the purchase of the property. This is a very thorough examination of all aspects of income, expenses, salaries, etc. We will continue to have these audits done annually and compensation studies done periodically.

We do these things to walk in excellence, integrity and accountability before the Lord. These things are important to Pastor David and the whole organization. You can be confident that your Kingdom investment in the Bridge Fellowship is sowing good seed into good ground.

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